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Tactics Training on the Web

June 23rd, 2009

If you are a player of less than, say, 1800 FIDE, nothing will improve your game faster than studying tactics. There’s no point in trying to carry out a long range plan when you miss the knight fork that scotches your plans.

There are quite a number of good books on the subject. If I had to recommend one, it’s the same one I cut my teeth on back in the 10th grade and took me from 5th board to 1st on the Vestal Senior High chess team. Woohoo! That book is the gentle and readable (and, sadly, out of print) Winning Chess: How to See Three Moves Ahead by Chernev and Reinfeld.

There’s the software programs, such as CT-ART 3.0 which take you through a large collection of puzzles and provide hints along the way.

But the largest collections are to be found at web based tactics training applications. There are two that I know of:

There. Now you have no excuses. Do a half a dozen problems over your lunch break and you’ll be kicking ass over the chess board in no time.


Online Chess Databases

March 13th, 2009

nicbaseChess databases like ChessBase or Chess Assistant or the Open Source SCID are nice tools for chess study, but there are some online databases that can serve in a pinch. You can’t search for a particular pawn structure or material balance as you can with a desktop chess database, but you can search millions of games for a particular position or explore an opening tree with victory percentages based on the actual games.

Here is a collection of online chess databases that I use from time to time. Enjoy.

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