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Chess Trainer 1.5.1 Released

January 22nd, 2010

Two bits of news. First, I’m releasing the Chess Trainer 1.5.1. (Also launchable here). It has a new concept for training blindfold that divides the board into sectors. The basic idea is that the board is easier to remember and visualize if divided into small chunks.

The test asks you questions on bishop and knight moves from squares into the sectors.

Also, I’ve moved the file (and soon source) hosting over to Google Code. I was just tired of all of the sourceforge girations to release a file.


Released Version 1.4

June 12th, 2009

I’ve released version 1.4. It adds the aforementioned blindfold test where you can enter a PGN file and step through it being quizzed on the current position.

The download is here.


Chess Training Tools 1.3.0 Released

March 13th, 2009

cvtAfter a long break, I’ve started up on the Chess Trainer again. The latest release adds a larger board, a new test for improving your chess vision (where can a queen attack King and Rook and safely take the rook on the next move?), and fixed a few typos. I also removed the Opening Trainer, as there are other free and commercial tools out there that do a better job.

Drop me a comment if you find the tool useful.