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New version 1.3.1

June 4th, 2009

Two announcements: first, I’ve added a blindfold game quiz to the trainer. You cut and paste a PGN game and the trainer steps you through the moves and asks you questions about which pieces are on what square, what the checking moves are, etc. It’s not quite fully baked, but you can check out the new version in the “Launch…” item in the right sidebar of this blog.

Second, I’ve updated the Java Web Start file to reflect that this app needs Java 6 to run (it’s compiled with Java 6, thus all those annoying class file format errors). If anyone is still having issues with the app on using Java 6, please respond with a comment to this post.

I’ll have a windows installer and a Mac/Linux installer available for download at sourceforge and will update the freshmeat page at that time. As always, enjoy.


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